Feeling The Crush, Running on Empty Not, and The Nano-Biotics

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Finally, we close with brief comments on Feel The Crush, Running on Empty Not, and The Nano-Biotic.  First, Renewable Diesel demand is projected to grow from 1 billion gallons per year in 2021 to 5 billion gallons per year in 2025.  Soybean and canola oil stand the primary sources.  And this oil comes from the soybeans and canola “Crushed” by the major agri-businesses, such as ADM and Bungee, in large processing plants into oil and meal.  Given the massive spike in demand forecast, we see these plants Feeling The Crush.  Second, while Inventory to Sales ratios in the US sit at record low levels, this is deceptive.  The drop is driven mainly by disruptions to the auto supply chain, while other areas have begun to rebuild inventories.  According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Inventories for Other General Merchandise (Non-Motor Vehicles and Parts) stand within 5% of their 2019 levels and those for Furniture/Electronics stand within 11%.  While the perception is that inventory levels are well below normal and warehouse shelves are empty, the reality is that Inventory Restocking is well in process and warehouse are Running on Empty Not.  And Third, according to the journal Nature, combining Nano-Particles with Hydrophilic Polymers creates molecules that are non-toxic to mammalian cells but possess anti-biotic properties.  Should this prove correct in widescale testing, this would open up a whole new method and class of molecules to attack anti-biotic resistant strains of bacteria.  For the world, we say Here Come The Nano-Biotics.  (For those interested in reading the article in the medical journal Nature, the article may be found at: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-27193-9 .)





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