Decarbonization Really?, Out and About, and The Nanobots Are Coming!

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Finally, we close with brief comments on Decarbonization Really?, Out and About, and The Nanobots Are Coming!  First, China announced that it plans to become carbon neutral by 2060, that does not mean the country will decarbonize any time soon.  In fact, China’s provinces are planning to put in place over 100 GW of coal fired power over the next few years.  With actions speaking louder than words, it appears the appropriate view is: Decarbonization Really?  Second, eating out came roaring back in 2021.  Consumers are expected to spend over 90% of what they spent in 2019 on restaurants this year.  This represents over 20% growth.  The industry expects to exceed its 2019 levels in 2022.  Given this, we see the Consumer Out and About.  And Third, nanobot technology use continues to explode.  Already a $120+ billion industry in 2020, outside projections put industry growth at 25%+ for the next 5 years.  These nanoparticles possess large applications in medicine and biomedical engineering.  For example, scientists at Cornell University invented nanoparticles called Smart Dust that can operate in the blood stream and assemble to form a collective function.  The Smart Dust can be programmed to locate, remove, and destroy cancer cells, for instance.  The Israeli company Nanomedic created a breathable skin that can be applied to treat burns and wounds.  It has proven highly effective for facial wounds and for foot ulcers for diabetics.  With 10+ mighty nano-products being introduced every week, for the world it is: The Nanobots Are Coming!

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