Droning On, Where’s That Container, and The Bionic Human

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Finally, we close with brief comments on Droning On, Where’s That Container, and The Bionic Human.  First, the U.S. FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) recently issued rules allowing drones to fly at night, fly closer to people, and fly over moving vehicles.  This brings drones another step closer to commercial package delivery.  In anticipation, major companies, such as UPS, Google, and Amazon, set up “Drone Airlines” over the past year to position themselves for their eventual rollout.  With the use of drones for commercial package delivery just over the horizon, we see the industry Droning On.  Second, with the explosion in demand for goods, despite the pandemic, and the lockdowns limiting production in many Western economies, large container demand exploded over the past year.  In fact, there exists a shortage of both 20’ and 40’ containers such that some heavily travelled sea routes are completely booked well into the Second Quarter.  For shipper’s looking for their deliveries, we see them shouting, “Where’s That Container?”.  And Third, the capabilities of CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) technology continue to expand.  In the latest breakthrough, scientists can now track cancer cells and all their metastases in the body.  In doing this, scientists discovered genes that either speed up or slow down metastasis as well as metastasis hubs.  All these discoveries now provide scientists with new targets to attack cancer using molecules engineered with CRISPR’s base editing.  We see this as just another step on the journey to The Bionic Human.

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