Oh To Be Young, Sooner Than Later, and The Heart of the Matter

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Finally, we close with brief comments on Oh To Be Young, Optically Speaking, and The Heart of the Matter.  First, the cannabis industry continues its growth apace.  According to industry data, the industry will reach $25+ billion in revenue in 2020 and will grow 25%.  Oh To Be Young.  Second, demand for optical bandwidth continues to grow.  According to recent industry comments, while carriers are deploying 400 gigabyte equipment today, terabyte equipment is just around the corner.  And with the massive increase in bandwidth demand lately, it should be here Sooner Than Later.  And Third, scientists using 3D printing have printed functional heart tissue.  This tissue ultimately will be used to repair damaged hearts and to build new ones.  With this development on the way to The Bionic Human, we see scientists getting to The Heart of the Matter.


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