Deep Freeze, Staying Warm, and Cyborg Organs For The Bionic Human.

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Finally, we close with brief comments on Deep Freeze, Staying War, and Cyborg Organs For The Bionic Human. First, if a difficult wet spring was not enough for U.S. farmers, an early fall blizzard may have delivered the coup de grace. This storm may put the end to whatever hopes farmers possessed to salvage a late start to the growing season. The storm dumped 24” to 30” of snow from North Dakota and Minnesota in the North down to Colorado in the South. It basically froze crops in place, ruining the harvest of corn, soybeans, potatoes, and other crops. While the damage has yet to be tallied, it will definitely impact grain prices and everything that uses grain as an input, including chickens, pigs, cattle, … With this Deep Freeze in place, investors should watch for the ripple effects as the impact spreads to other parts of the economy. Second, insulation manufacturers appear ready to raise prices once more. With Housing Permits on the rise for single family homes and Starts soon to follow, demand for insulation should stay strong more than absorbing the new capacity the industry plans to bring online this coming year. As a result, the cost of Staying Warm appears headed up. And Third, scientists at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University have grown a “Cyborg” Human Organ in a dish. They combined human stem cells with flexible, stretchable electronics to create a 2D surface. They then differentiated the stem cells into heart cells and transformed it into a 3D Heart Structure. This process enabled the scientists to monitor organ development and function. They plan to apply this to various organ types as another way to build organs, study diseases, and screen pharmaceuticals. We see this as another step on the path to The Bionic Human.



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