Gaining Traction, All Hail, and A Photo Finish

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Finally, we close with brief comments on Gaining Traction, All Hail, and A Photo Finish. First, tractor sales in North America turned upward recently after a long slump. According to the latest industry statistics, U.S. sales of 4 Wheel Drive tractors rose 17% year over year in August while 2 Wheel Drive 100+ HP increased 12%. With sales like this, we see the industry Gaining Traction. Second, hail storms increased significantly in July and August. According to National Weather Service data, hail storms are up ~21% year over year in Q3. For the manufacturers of roof shingles, this stands as a potential windfall as significantly more roofs were damaged this year compared to last. Based on this, we see those manufacturers saying “All Hail”. And Third, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory developed a new ink they call PhotoChromeleon Ink. They used photochromic dyes to create a solution that can be sprayed onto objects. Using UV light, they can then activate and deactivate the different colors at will. In other words, the red shoes you wore today could be turned into beige shoes for tomorrow’s outfit. Or your car could change colors overnight. In addition, this ink appears ideal for creating multicolor prints on objects today that could be changed tomorrow. And the ink shows no impact from normal light. With the ability for mass customization ahead, we can all look forward to A Photo Finish.




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