A Solar World, Lazing Around, and Printing The Bionic Human

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Finally, we close with brief comments on A Solar World, Sitting Around, and Printing The Bionic Human. First, Los Angeles just inked a contract for very low priced solar power and battery power. This project will offer electricity at less than $0.02/kwh, below competing fossil fuels. In addition, the project will store the excess power it produces that exceeds transmission line capacity and offer it to LA at just $0.013/kwh at night. With this type of cost structure, it is A Solar World ahead. Second, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 25% of Americans spent over 8 hours per day seated in 2016. In addition, almost 60% of Americans do no exercise (44.6%) or do insufficient exercise (15.0%). Given this data, we see Americans just Lazing Around. And Third, the American Medical Association (AMA) is preparing for a 3D Printed world. The AMA just enacted their first reimbursement codes for 3D Printed anatomic modeling as well as surgical cutting and drilling tools. It seems only a matter of time until codes are published for items to be implanted in the body such as bones, veins, or organs. With this acceptance of 3D Printing, we see this as one more step on the path to Printing The Bionic Human.


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