Truck Stop, Being Negative, and A Costly Foundation

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Finally, we close with brief comments on Truck Stop, Being Negative, and The Costly Foundation.  First, Heavy Duty Truck Orders have collapsed in 2019.  According to ACT Research, Class 8 Truck Orders fell 58% in February year over year.  For truck manufacturers, we see them visiting the Truck Stop.  Second, Negative Yield Bonds soared over the past 5 months. From a trough of $7.9 trillion in October they have risen to over $10 trillion today as the ECB and BOJ continue to meddle in their bond markets.  For Europe and Japan, we see their central banks as Being Negative. And Third, Lafarge Corporation, the largest manufacturer of cement in the US, recently announced price increase of 7% per ton.  With the US market close to being sold out, the probability of success continues to rise. Should LaFarge succeed, we see builders having to endure A Costly Foundation for every building they build.



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