Sambas in the Fields, Anybody Want A Notebook, Victims of the Calm, and Modern Wright Brothers

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Finally, we close with brief comments on Sambas in the Fields, Anybody Want a Notebook, Victims of the Calm, and Shades of the Wright Brothers.  First, Brazilian farmers are enjoying record profits, as the massive depreciation in the Brazilian Real pads their bottom lines.  In celebration, demand for tractors rose 23% in November with demand for combines up 44%.  With farmers feeling flush, we see Sambas in the Fields.  Second, Notebooks, which have seen demand hold up while PC demand fell, may finally have succumbed.  Notebook shipments turned down in Q4, after holding in for the first three quarters of the year.  According to Gartner Group, Notebook shipments are expected to be down 3% year over year in Q4.  However this may prove optimistic as Original Device Manufacturers reported November shipments down 11% year over year.  Given this data, we see the industry saying: Anyone Want A Notebook?  Third, storm damage in the US is down year-over-year. While good for homeowners and the insurance companies, roofing demand is expected to be down 10% this year.  We see the roofing companies as Victims of the Calm.  And Fourth, MIT researchers reported flying an electric plane using electro-aerodynamic propulsion, which uses no moving parts. The test flight lasted 12 seconds and the plane flew just 200 feet.  We see these MIT researchers as Modern Wright Brothers.

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